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The Body Shape Bible


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Which body shape are you?

A Skittle, Goblet, Hourglass, Cornet, Cello, Apple, Column, Bell, Vase, Brick, Lollipop or a Pear...Trinny & Susannah have identified 12 classic women's body shapes. In each case, it is proportion, not size, that matters. So whether you are a skinny, average or larger Skittle, Cello, Apple or Pear, the same principles of dressing will apply.

Using real-life women, they analyse in depth each shape and show how to choose the clothes that fit and flatter it. They show the most common dressing mistakes and the three best looks. They select the 10 key garments to make up a capsule wardrobe, and show how these basics can be built upon to vary the look. And they show how to make the most of what you already have: what you can do with an ill-fitting or expensive mistake to bring it back to life. It includes Trinny & Susannah's fabulous 22 city directory of shops, outlets and services and other must-have addresses across the UK.


Size Guide

  UK Size Waist Hips Height
(768 -18)
Eur Size Waist
S 10-12 23-27 34-38 4'10"-5'4" 36-38 58-68 86-96 148-164
M 12-14 27-30 38-41 5'2"-5'8" 40-42 68-76 96-104 158-174
L 16-18 30-33 41-44 5'4"-5'9" 44-46 76-84 104-112 164-176
XL 20-22 33-40 44-50 5'5"-5'10" 48-50 84-96 112-122 166-178
XXL 24-26 40-46 50-55 - 52-54 96-110 122-134 -